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Madagascar Cave Diving Association

It started with a dip into a flooded sinkhole. A discovery of epic proportions. It has left scientist baffled, excited and gasping for air.

Possibly one of Madagascar’s best kept secrets, and wonders, is being explored currently by Madagascar Cave Diving Association in co operation with the Dominican Republic Speleology Society, and Quiet Diver Team from Mexico.

These flooded caves are located in one of Madagascar’s most unknown, and remote national parks ‘Parc Tsimanopetsoste’.

Aven was the first cave discovered and explored by Ryan Dart and the former team of Atlantis Madagascar. After hearing about the cave, and waves in that area, Phillip Lehman and Patrick Widmann soon arrived and together, the consecutive discoveries and explorations of Vintany, Malaza Manga, and connections of Mitoho and the bat cave secured proof of the first flooded cave system in Madagascar.

Their aim now is to explore, survey and conserve all submerged caves in Madagascar.

Flooded caves are fragile geological time capsules holding clues that could one day help solve the many mysteries of earth’s ancient past. This is evident in Aven with the largest collection of bones and fossils found in the country.  Madagascar Underground, working with Madagascar National Parks could soon open the worlds first underwater museum there.

Just recently in Sep 2018 the team discovered and explored the largest flooded cave in Africa! Heres a video of the cave

Check out their fb page “Madagascar cave diving association” or Insta “mada caves” for all the updates.

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