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To taxi brousse or not to taxi brousse

Your sitting in your seat trying to calm down after the hectic pushing, shoving and madness of the crowds. Happy with the fact that you managed to buy a ticket. Now your just waiting to get on the road. There is a spare seat next to you. This is your lucky day. Its time to go, and you can feel your legs already starting to sneak their way over to that spare 40 centermeters of space. Other passengers are getting on and off, passing bags, food, children, and the occasional animal over your head. You wonder why you haven’t left yet…schedueled departure was 20 minutes ago. You wait….. Hurry up you think….you wait some more..… Finally the engine comes to life, with a cough and a spit, and a slight rattle that continues to the beat of the  distorted music which is starting to give you a headache. The air is thick. It must be 40 degrees, and climbing. But its ok, in a second you will be moving with fresh air flowing over your face…at a top speed of maybe 60km/ph. What are we waiting for now you think now…oh no…is that what i….it is…no it cant.…your stomach drops…a small figure…coming over the horizon…a bag under each arm…say goodbye to your spare seat pal.

The Taxi Brousse pre drive safety check :

– Seat belt…nope.

– Functioning doors….nope.

– Sober driver..nope.

– Unrealiable motor…you betcha.

We are good to go.

What the captain of this van should say next is

‘If we don’t crash, break down, or spin off the road into a ditch, we will be at your destination in 23 hours….give or take a day or two.

Its the way to travel, if your on a budget, and have ample time up your sleeve. But there are more efficient and much safer ways to get around Madagascar that wont break the bank like Air Madagascar will gladly do, or give you a stomach ulcer like the infamous taxi b.

Let me introduce you to Lulu.

He will provide you and your fellow traveling buddies, a comfortable, safe, reliable, and fast mode of transport around this huge island. Its by far the best way to see this amazing country. Years of experience and countless hours behind the wheel have given this man a wealth of knowledge you need on these roads.

At Madagascar Underground we will connect you with other travellers going the same way as you, and hook you up with Lulu or someone just like him. Ensuring a problem free trip to wherever your going.

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