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Craft Beer in Mada!!

Craft beer hits the red island!

Not knocking the local beers in Mada because when it’s hot, and you have a solid thirst, smashing down a Skol, Castel, Gold, or the most popular and oldest THB (Three Horses Beer) can really hit the spot.

However, since they all taste the same, and the hangovers are pretty gnarly, having a craft beer on the scene is pretty awesome.

Red Island Brewing Co. are a couple of lads from the UK, USA, and OZ. They have embarked on the mission to put some tasty beers on the menus of bars and hotels all over the country. While carefully avoiding authorities, they make two IPA’s, an English ale with baobab fruit, a chocolate porter with local cacao, and a litchi cider. I also heard they might be doing something with vanilla too. Not too shabby. Almost reminds me of the moonshiners in the prohibition. Keep an eye out for it, you will only find it in chosen bars and hotels.

You can also do a pretty rudimentary brewery tour, and try all the beers at their brewery near the airport. Have a yarn with the guys and hear some pretty interesting stories, and take a couple of samples home for the rello’s.

Check them on FB and insta. Red island brewing co.


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