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Finally, we aren’t the only hostel in Madagascar!

Thank fuck! Some other legends decided to open another hostel in Mada!

Way up in the north, on the island of Nosy be, a cool trio of Yanks, and a buff Saffa have just opened Tamana Hostel. A colonial house turned into super trendy hostel is exactly what Nosy be needed. Get away from the expensive boring hotels, and get amongst it and have some fun with other travellers at Tamana. All the local activities can be organised through there. And they have craft beer on tap! YEW!
To be honest, most the hotels in Madagascar are being run by grumpy “been in this bloody country too long” types. So finding cool, and clean places with hot water, comfy beds, and nice owners, can be tricky. Look no further in Nosy Be….
Having a burst of energy and ideas like this is exactly what we need to see! Keep them coming.
All the best you lot!

Check their FB page Tamana Hostel.

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