Fort Dauphin
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The lost city of T

Once a booming tourist village, situated on the south east coast, Tolagnaro, or better known as Fort Dauphin, now is pretty much a ghost town… after miners booked out all the hotels, tour operators sought other destinations…but since the new mine lodgings have been filled up, hotels have emptied out….
Beneath its sleepy appearance lies the most epic city in Madagascar.
I think it’s pretty hard to find as many cool things in one place other than in the lost city of T. National parks, mountains, lakes, wind, perfect secluded bays, pumping reef and beach breaks, pirate ship wrecks, snorkelling, whales, fishing are just a few things to mention.
After visiting just the other day, I could feel a buzz in the air, young entrepreneurs from around the globe seem to be descending there to create the epicentre of radness in Madagascar. New bars and restaurants, adventure activities, and even hotels are getting their shit together to promote the place as a tourist destination.
Throw in the new local airline tsaradia offering dirt cheap flights, and a direct international flight coming in November from La Reunion, this towns hotels may very well fill up again.
So forget horribly long, dangerous bus trips, and expensive flights…do yourself a favour and go check this place out…you won’t be disappointed.
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